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    The Boston Sportscar Co.

    Specializing in everything Ferrari, from Vintage to Current production


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    Work in Progress at The BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company



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    1958 250 GT PF Coupe S/N 0851GT General maintenance, brake service, rear suspension rebuild
    1987 Mondial 3.2


    1993 512 TR

    Major service, water pump replacement, and Tubi Exhaust


    Gearbox Rebuild

    1972 246 Dino Coupe

    Complete Restoration

    1989 328 GTB  Major Service w/ timing belt replacement., misc. repairs
    1984 512 BBi  Major engine service
    1991 Testarossa

    1992 Testarossa

    Engine rebuild.

    Major service with timing belts, gearbox repair


    1995 456GT


    Annual servicing

    1996 F355 Spyder

    355 Challenge Engine

    Major service with timing belts

    Total rebuild of race engine

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