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    The Boston Sportscar Co.

    Specializing in everything Ferrari, from Vintage to Current production


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    Quality Assurance & The BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company

            Quality of service is not a sales pitch at the BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company.  It is our mission. 

            Our objective in creating the BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company was to establish a first-class, professional service organization where Ferrari owners would feel comfortable having their Ferraris serviced and repaired.  We have addressed the deficiencies common to most other service establishments across the country.  For example,

    • We use only genuine Ferrari factory parts, unless otherwise directed by the customer

    • We carry out repairs according to Ferrari Workshop Manual procedures

    • We stand by our repair estimates

    • We have the most up-to-date tooling and equipment

    • The cleanliness and neatness of our workshop is unsurpassed

    • Our technicians are thoroughly familiar with the Ferrari product line

    • We will not road test your vehicle unless absolutely necessary and only with your permission

    • We will wash your car, clean the windows & vacuum the interior with each service.  We will also wax and detail your Ferrari with each major service 

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    BSC Shop
    355 Major Service
    365 GTC4

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